This “Recommended Construction Sequence Procedure” is based on standard construction practices for post-frame buildings. Variances may be required depending on the exact job specifics. It is the contractors responsibility to always assure that the building is erected according to the plans regardless of this “Recommended Construction Sequence Procedure”. This “Recommended Construction Sequence Procedure” is only a generalized guideline to aid in the planning process.

  1. Prepare site & grading and layout post hole geometry (note that fill material can not be used in post hole embedment depth, only undisturbed ground).
  2. Layout building and mark post hole locations. Double check layout dimensions.
  3. Drill post holes in the undisturbed ground.
  4. Construct the concrete push-pads (footings) in the bottom of the post holes.
  5. Install the posts (true & plumb) in the post holes and place backfill material (concrete, gravel, or sand as specified) into post holes.
  6. Install the bottom girt around the perimeter of pole building.
  7. Install gable end trusses (or rafters).
    • if no overhangs on eave walls, then install top girt on all eave walls.
    • install all interior trusses (and/or rafters).
    • install all eave overhangs (if specified).
    • install all eave wall top girts that haven’t yet been installed.
  8. Install roof purlins.
  9. Install wall girts and framed openings (doors, windows, etc.)
  10. Install roof sub-sheathing (if specified), moisture barrier (if specified), eave facia, and main roof sheathing.
  11. Install roof gable trim and ridge cap.
  12. Install all man doors and windows.
  13. Install trim at bottom of wall and around all framed openings (as specified).
  14. Install wall sub-sheathing and main wall sheathing (as required).
  15. Install all wall corner flashing and/or trim (as required.)
  16. Install slider doors and/or overhead rollup doors (as required.)
  17. Install concrete or gravel floor.
  18. Install proper air ventilation, per local codes (as required).