What is a Pole Barn (or Pole Building)?

A Pole Barn (or Pole Building) is a term used for a building that uses columns made of heavy wood poles or posts that are generally embedded directly into the ground. The clear spans of pole buildings can be quite wide ranging up to 80 feet. Walls can be constructed by spanning wall girts between the posts and attaching siding to the girts with screws or nails. Purlins span the trusses and roofing material is added atop the purlins.

Pole Buildings can be agricultural buildings such as hay sheds or pole shelters, garages, commercial wharehouses, traditional barns, and even residential houses in some areas.

What states do you cover for pole building designs?

We have a nationwide coverage. Some states are excluded.

What is the typical turn-around time to receive my enginered plans from the time I order it to completion?

Our typical turn-around time from the time you sign you sign your contract is 10 to 15 days.

Do you provide the materials for the pole buildings that you design?

We do not provide the materials for the pole buildings we design. We are engineers and provide the engineering analysis and detailed drawings for your custom or standard plan requirements. We taylor each pole building to your exact needs.

If you do not provide the materials, how can we get an accurate cost estimate for materials?

After we provide you with the safely engineered detailed drawings for your pole building, you can submit your plans to local lumber company for a price estimate on the lumber, trusses, and miscellaneous appurtenances associated with your pole building. All lumber companies will generally perform this service for free. You may also hire a contractor to give you a cost estimate for the pole building and the construction of the building in a lump sum cost.

I am not a contractor. Who can build my pole building?

Many contractors are versed in pole building construction. Many contractors even specialize in pole building erecting. However, that does not mean that every contractor has the experience to perform the work properly. You need to make sure you ask a few local contractors to give you bids for their work, and also ask them for referrals of happy customers.

Are Wood Pole Buildings cheaper to construct than Conventional Wood Frame Buildings?

The short answer is Yes - you get more squar footage per dollar spent using a Wood Pole Building design. Most conventional wood frame buildings utilize only 40% to 50% of the design strength that they are designed to handle. Pole Buildings, however, are engineered to utilize about 90% of their design strength. Because conventional wood frame buildings only utilize about half of their design strength, much of the building's design strength is considered waste and is never realized, causing the building to be more expensive than a Pole Building design.

I build pole buildings for many of my clients. Can you design our buildings for us?

We provide engineered design drawings for many contractors. We pride ourselves in making our plans easy to understand yet very detailed.